About Us

The Association of Meat and Dairy Processors is one of the largest associations in the food industry in Macedonia. It was founded in December 1998 and it has more than 50 members. The Association unites the meat and dairy processing firms, which vary in production volumes, starting from small family businesses to the largest capacities from both industries in the country. The production capacity of the members of the association represents more than 70% of the total production capacities of both industries in the country.

The Mission of the Association is to offer support to its members to enhance the competitiveness of the Macedonian meat and dairy industries. This support includes: presenting the members' shared views and interests to those relevant institutions and policy makers; striving to improve economic conditions for both industries; and providing firm-level technical assistance to improve production and management efficiencies and overall profitability.


The Activities of the Association include:

Implementation of the Seal of Quality Program as an instrument to build a better position of the domestic meat and dairy industries in the domestic and regional markets through development of a protected and recognizable trademark of certified quality meat and dairy products.

Continuous education of its members in the domain of technological procedures and regulations, as well as in broader areas of their businesses, management systems and techniques and marketing orientation in their operations..

Provision of information on relevant news and achievements in the field of meat and dairy industries, including the international and domestic offer of equipment for production, raw materials and additives, packaging etc.

Through the foregoing activities the Association supports the domestic meat and dairy industries in their efforts to promote and gain recognition of the Macedonian meat and dairy products with high quality in the domestic and foreign markets, thus contributing to the overall development of the Macedonian agriculture and the food industry in general.


Mr. Ljubomir Drenkovski

Managing Bodies of the Association

President: Mr. Ljubomir Drenkovski (Pilko, Skopje)

Managing Board:

1. Mr. Ljubomir Drenkovski (Pilko, Skopje)
2. Mr. Mile Banovic (Pekabesko, Skopje)
3. Mr. Dragan Radosavljevik (Mega, Skopje)
4. Mr. Blagoja Bajdevski (Ekstra Mein, Kumanovo)
5. Mr. Jovan Dabevski (Zdravje, s. Radovo, Strumica)
6. Mr. Sabedin Rushiti (Munevere, Tetovo)
7. Mr. Slobodan Stojkovski (Bucen Kozjak, Kumanovo)
8. Mr. Daim Zendeli (Eko Sar, Tetovo)

Association of Meat and Dairy Processors in Macedonia